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We buy Timber, Operate our own Sawmill, and Manufacture Mats for Construction Projects

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Timber Management

Helping You Manage Your Timber Properly

As an owner of land, you have various choices to consider when it comes to managing it. Whether your objective is long-term growth, immediate revenue, or creating a deer-attracting ecosystem, it's crucial to avoid making the wrong decision that could result in irreversible property damage and unfair compensation.

At Miller Sawing and Timber LLC, our aim is not to persuade you into a particular plan, but rather to educate you about the available options. We want you to feel empowered and confident as you make informed decisions about the next steps for your land.

Miller Sawing & Timber Manufacture Construction Mats

After we have cut the high grade lumber from the logs we use the lower grade part of the log and cut it into lumber for construction mats. 

Miller Sawing & Timber assemble these mats on site with the use of a jig, so every mat is precisely the same size and quality. Multiple sizes available. 

Our Sawmill

Sawmill Operation

Miller Sawing & Timber operate our own sawmill in the beautiful hills of northern Coshocton County, Ohio. All our logs are trucked to our yard, then cut to length, debarked, cut into the best quality lumber possible and all by-products such as bark, wood chips, and sawdust are then sold and used for bedding or mulch.  Very little goes to waste. 

How it works

Trees Forest Woods

Trees Forest Woods

1. Schedule a Free Evaluation 

One of our timber specialists will visit your property to assess your timber and develop a customized plan tailored to your specific objectives.

2. Custom Report and Price

Within a day or so , you’ll have a custom report so you can weigh your options. If you accept our proposal, you’ll get 100% of the agreed-upon price before we begin harvest.

3. Custom Report and Price

Wherever big machinery is involved, there is potential for damage. If any unintentional damage occurs to your woods, we’ll make it right.

Over 20 Year Experience in the Timber and Logging industry!